Dimension Boards & Lumber

Exotic Hardwood Standard Boards – Wide Boards – Custom Dimension Lumber

Our hardwood boards and dimension lumber are some of the rarest and highest grade lumber in the world. We provide custom dimensions for larger orders. EROVEA Lumber is eager to serve you. Call us today at 904-769-3016.

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Standard Dimension Boards

We provide a range of standard dimension hardwood boards for your decking, flooring, molding, paneling, cladding, and furniture projects.

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Wide and Long Boards

EROVEA also offers some of the widest and longest exotic hardwood for your exclusive projects with a seamless look.

EROVEA Cocowood Boards

Custom Dimension Boards

If you have custom dimension requirements, we can provide board sizes of exotic hardwoods processing the same at our Florida facilities for quick turn-around.